Shannon Davidson offers the ultimate in big wheel bagger options.
The most award winning bagger builder in the industry Ron Loynds, president of Metelsport, inc. sated we choose Shannan Davidson and a few other top ranked builders as an integral part of our marketing efforts launching the new 32 inch wheel due to their reputations and respect of there peers.

Four builders built bikes with the new 32 inch wheel displayed at the Easy rider event in Cincinnati. It was written by one of the major magazine reporters covering the event on the 32 inch wheel. Shannon Davidson pulls off by far the best custom bagger utilizing the new 32 inch front wheel due to designing a frame specially for 30-32 inch wheels that compliment a wheel that big, not a modified stock type bagger frame. Along with unequal fabrication work, and design, put him in a league of his own.Shannons vision and attention to detail ,once again had jaws dropping and heads turning. These frames are now available for sale from the chopp shop, and also as a rolling chassis.

Whether its modifying or transforming a bagger you already have or building a custom 1 off bike with a chopp shop frame available in two designs.

Bagger customers are given the options of just what they want done, we try to break it down into stages.

Stage one opting for the front end modafation to accept the more popular taller front wheels, anything from the smaller 23 inch wheel up to the big daddy 32 inch wheel that just hit the market in February.

Stage two focusing on the rear of the bike offering stretched saddle bags, with wider stretched fender, stretched side panels and longer sleek effect tank halves.

Stage three the complete transition includes stage I and 2 plus a one off paint design. Air lift is available for the front and rear on all bikes.

For the customer that wants it all a total one off custom bike we are the best. Our fabrication and design skills are second to none. These bikes utilizing one of our two frame designs one for wheels up to 26 inches and the other for 30 and 32 inch wheels. These bikes are built to the rider seat heights, handlebar design depending on the customers size are all calculated. Guan teed to catch everyone’s eye.

Winner 2014 bagger of the year    •    One of the most award    •    Winning builders Multiple painter of the year awards    •    A leader in the industry for 20 years    •    Over 50 magazine features    •    Your one stop bagger headquarters    •    Recognized world wide for our unmached fabrication-creations and design    •    Most recognized and award winning bagger creations